Science the battle between humans and weeds

Battle between Humans and Weeds

The history of crop cultivation is also the history of the battle between humans and weeds.
In our laboratory, we are conducting research to elucidate the battle between humans and weeds that has been waged in agricultural lands from a molecular biological perspective, to gain a deeper understanding of the way weeds live and to develop better weed control technology.

Recruiting Students

I joined the Graduate School of Agriculture at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT)* as an associate professor in February 2024. The lab is currently recruiting graduate students. Feel free to get in touch.


*TUAT is ranked 45th in the world and 2nd in Japan in In the field of Agriculture and Forestry (QS World University Rankings).


Herbicide resistance, Evolution, Molecular weed science, Genome, Cytochrome P450, Stress tolerance


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